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Rubber Man of India Jaspreet Singh Kalra

"रबर मैन ऑफ़ इंडिया" जिनका शरीर रबर से भी लचीला है 
 Rubber Man of India Jaspreet Singh Kalra

We all want our body to be flexible, and we can use it according to our own. Turn flexible to the normal phase and keep working for us. But there is a person whose body is flexible like rubber and can rotate the body in any angle. There are many records in the name of this person. The body is so flexible as if there are no bones in the body, and that is why they were called "Rubber Man of India."

Rubber Man of India Jaspreet Singh Kalra

"Rubber Man of India" whose body is more flexible than rubber - Rubber Man of India Jaspreet Singh Kalra
His name is (Jaspreet Singh Kalra), a resident of Ludhiana Punjab. They are also known as Rubber Man, and some people call them the Most Flexible Boy of India (Rubber Boy).

Jaspreet is a student now and can rotate his neck 180 degrees and the waist to 360 degrees. It is very flexible, and people are surprised to see how their body can be such. Jaspreet further wants to be the world's most flexible man, and he is working hard for this.

Jaspreet Singh Kalra

Jaspreet hard work to make such a body. He says that when everyone is sleeping in the morning, then I practice yoga for three hours a day. I keep my diet, and I have eaten a lot of things and only eat nutritious food. Jaspreet said that at one time I was inspired by others, but today people take inspiration from me which is a big thing for me.

Due to the ability of Jaspreet, the doctors are also surprised that such a body can roam around. Radiologist Gururnet Singh said that I used to X-ray Xerpreet's body in both the normal condition and hyper position, but everything was normal.

There is no separate element in the body which can cause it to happen. Even Jaspreet's Yoga teacher Sandeep Kaur was surprised by the fact that his body became so flexible with his surprise.

Jaspreet has found such a body with backbreaking work. Such a flexible body gets only Yoga from doing sadhana of the body, which is near Jaspreet.

In the beginning-

Jaspreet himself, speaking about himself, says that when I was in the 7th class, I had started doing Yoga classes. Although I used to go with friends stopped going in a few days, and I continued to go. After this, after coming to the tenth, I was asked to choose the field in which I wanted to pursue my career, so I decided yoga with studies.

From the age of 14, Jaspreet was attracted to Daniel Browning Smith and wanted to be like him. Jaspreet continued his yoga and together with Daniels watching videos he learned a lot from them. Jaspreet gave his most basic meditation yoga to keep his body fit.

One day his Yoga teacher chose him for competition and Jaspreet went there and got respect. Slowly Jaspreet's name started to be called, and he got different respect.
Jaspreet's name is recorded in the Lympha Book of Records by the name of Boneless Man of India. Apart from this, Unic World Records has considered them as "Worlds Largest Flexible Boy."

Miracle World Records gave them the respect of "Rubber Man of India." A person whose body is roaming on any side like a rubber.

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